Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, Oct 19

Today I spent the entire class working on the final animation. The animatic proved to be an extraordinarily helpful tool. Having it open at the same time as I worked on the final was a perfect way to orient myself and keep me on track with what scene to animate. It was essentially having a road map to tell me every turn when I became overwhelmed. I spent much time tuning the color scheme of the backgrounds and trying to design them in ways to compliment to animation happening upon them. The landscape is desert, and I have been utilizing the long shadows cast by cacti in the background to highlight the action in each scene. I position the sun in the frame so that the shadows cast by it point in the direction the eye should be looking. After trying to further understand the 12 principals of animation, I've been taking great care to tune every aspect of the animation so that the final product is a whole, unified piece.

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