Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MOBIUS and Boston based performance art


Mobius is a Boston arts organization that was started by Marilyn Arsem in the mid 70's. Although it seems kind of insane to say this, Boston really is one of America's most progressive cities in terms of performance art. Since the 70's there have always been spaces in Boston dedicated for performance based work. Although they may be small or underground or not very visible to the public... the definitely are there. Montserrat/Holy Ghost is also mentioned in the EVENTS section of the Mobius website!!!

Marilyn Arsem is also sort of like the Marina Abramovic of the Boston Performance scene. She has been working, living and teaching here before she founded Mobius, and her work is definitely influential to me. Her work now manifests itself mostly at festivals and events strictly for live art... and instead of conceptualizing a preconceived performance before the event she's attending, she visits the site in which the event takes place and crafts a reactionary piece around how she feels. Her work also ranges from discussing feminist issues, to the current political climate, to just being purely durational. Her website is great so you guys should all check it out!!!!

Marilyn Arsem

I'm sorry I couldn't be at the meeting tonight, but I'll see you guys at Alice Vogler's talk tomorrow!!!

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